8 Free Printable Sample Notices

A notice is kind of a letter but it is written very short and small. Usually when we talk about a letter or a notice, there is not much difference and the only thing different is the size of it. Letter is written with appropriate length and everything is explained very briefly in it where on the other hand, a notice usually only contains a few sentences and there is nothing explained but just the receiver is notified with few words. You can use a notice to announce something important in the workplace or you can also invite your neighbors to a house warming party or for birthday party of your kids.

These notices are also used in some legal and professional areas i.e. a landlord can send a notice to evict a renter or a bank can send an eviction notice to a creditor or something other like this. Schools and other educational institutes also use these notices where teachers announce upcoming tests with notices and schedule of next week’s games on the notice board with the same piece of paper; a short notice.

Importance of words and tone in the notice:

Usually when it comes to notices, people assume that these are only used when the situation is very serious and there is no other way than getting stubborn with the receiver. This is a very wrong assumption and you should understand that a notice doesn’t need to be harsh in the tone but it can also be very polite and normal. For example, if you want to ask your tenant to evict the apartment, you can politely inform him about your intentions and ask him to search for another apartment within the notice period or you can also get very angry with him but it won’t do you any good. It’s a common observation that when you ask for something with love and politeness, there are better chances that you will get what you wanted rather than asking about the same thing with harsh words and angry tone.

Selection of words while writing Notices:

When you select the words for the notice, they depend on the type because a formal notice has different words and tone than an informal notice. In the same way, a personal notice is also different than a professional or work related notice. For a formal notice, the words should be formal as well and you should keep a very professional tone and when you write the notice to your friend or family member, you can use an informal tone with words of your choice. Besides the specific type of the notice, you should keep in mind that the words that you choose should be brief.

There shouldn’t be anything unclear or any kind of ambiguity among the content of the notice. Even if you are writing a legal notice, it is possible that the receiver doesn’t know any legal words and terms so you should use common words. Once you complete the notice, go through it in order to make sure the information is complete and you didn’t make any mistake. If it’s required, your words should portray authority i.e. communication between buyer and seller or landlord and tenant. This authority will let the reader know who has the upper hand. But, that doesn’t mean you can get angry with the receiver but keep in mind that you might need to use the notice as legal evidence and in the court, a notice with harsh words won’t present a good image of yours.

Printable Sample Notices in OpenOffice Format

Here is a collection of good looking Sample Notices for different tasks.

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