Free Meeting Agenda Template for Your Next Meeting

Business meetings are very important activity in any office or business workplace. Such meetings are usually conducted with core purpose of communicating important information and decisions to the staff. A lot of important company decisions emerge throughout the business meeting and usually participants are invited for useful debate. Within the business meeting, one person is assigned the task of taking notes about the meeting progress. The copy of these meeting notes is distributed among the participants or placed in a record file once the meeting is over.

Another important aspect in any company meeting is the agenda prepared by the staff before hand. In order to make sure that your meeting yields the result expected, You need to communicate meeting agenda to the members well before time. This helps them to prepare for their respective agenda item and make sure that they don’t disappoint to their senior colleagues.

If you are assigned the task of creating a good looking meeting agenda document then we strongly recommend you to get started with an already prepared template. You can find such agenda templates easily online and we are also going to list down our selection for quick assistance. Usually an agenda consist of following important items,

  1. The title of the meeting
  2. Purpose, objectives, in addition to meeting’s description
  3. Expected attendees.
  4. Date and time.
  5. Venue

Here are our handpicked meeting agenda templates available online that can be downloaded for free.

Meeting Agenda Template 12

Download this Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting Agenda Template 15

Download this Meeting Agenda Template in MS Word Format


Meeting Agenda Template 16

Download this Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting Agenda Template 19

Download this Meeting Agenda in MS Word Template format.







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