Ways to Express Best Wishes on Wedding

It is not being observed that when one person is going to attend a wedding, he has nothing to say or wish. Every person invited to wedding always has something to wish. These wishes are dependant on style chosen by a person to be expressed. Customary it is very exciting time to wish a couple for many people, but for some people it is not an easy task to perform. They need some guidance on how to give the best wishes.

Wedding is an event that comes in one’s life by making moments of his/her life special. One can express his best wishes for couple using different ways. One of these impressive ways is using quotations on marriage. Expressing these quotations can be done in diverse ways.

To express your wedding wishes you can invite couple prior to wedding on a dinner. This will be an ideal activity to wish wedding couple well.

Wedding card is one of the very impressive ways to express best wishes to wedding couple. A lot of wedding cards are there with pre-existing messages but you can get a blank wedding card to write on it your own message in order to express your wishes. Using best wishes card can also be prove helpful as it will provides you with a theme of best wishes along with superb quotes on it. These cards are available in market and over the web; choice is yours which one you want to choose. If you choose e-cards, Best Wishes Card Template can serve you.

Giving a flower bouquet to couple prior to wedding can add a touch of elegance. You can give a red bouquet or a bouquet with the combination of red and white flowers can be chosen for this purpose along with a little card attached to this bouquet by writing your wishes on it. Flowers fragrance will very impressively convey your pure wishes to the couple.

Saying wedding wishes by presenting a gift that will be in use of both bride and groom is one of the ideal options to choose. Giving gifts on wedding is a common custom and usually people adopt this fashion to covey their best wishes to couple.

If wedding of your friend is coming and you want to convey your best wishes prior to his/her wedding day, it will make him/her feel proud to be remembered and will give him/her a thought of your true friendship. For this purpose, you can invite him/her for lunch at some restaurant; this will definitely do what you are expecting from it.

If you are not close to wedding couple, try to stay true to yourself as there is no need for you to give a large toast. You need not to be very formal, giving a wish card or putting comments in guest book will best fit for this situation.

Apart from these options, you can consider following ways to wish the wedding couple:

  • By personally speaking to wedding couple
  • In a wedding wishes box
  • In your RSVP to the rite
  • In a thank you note after the ceremony